Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh no!

I broke my cuttlebug. I was trying to flatten some toilet paper rolls to make a mini album(they are really cute.) & I used too many of the plates & The side just popped out & now I can't get to cut or embossed. GRRRR. So I have to get another one.
On a funny note(at least I think it is funny).My son (the one that is Chloe & Haley's dad) comes into the living room & says to me, I just had a talk with Haley, that I didn't think I would have until she was a teenager. I was thinking OMG! The s*x talk at 7!!! I said so what did she say, he says she told me all the girls in her class love High school musical, but she doesn't. Then she says but the only reason they love it is because the guy that is in it, the girls all think he is "HOT". He was all upset because she said the word "HOT"LOL!!!! He asked her if she thought the word was appropriate for her age to use & she told him"it's fine, all 7 yr olds use it!!"
OMG if he is upset because they say someone is hot, this boy of mine is in for the ride of his life!!!! I shouldn't laugh, but it is too funny. :)
Hope you are all having a good day.
My back is feeling a little better. I have a busy week-end getting my new desktop set up. I hate having to move all my stuff around.
CYA later


Jessica said...

oh gosh sorry that your cuttlebug broke...that rots..but glad your back is feeling better. Be careful moving stuff around this weekend!

Danielle said...

I am sorry your cuttlebug broke :(
I have made the tp album too, and it is really cute. I have it on my slide show on my blog. I made it like 2 years ago, and I remember saying "I can't get this flat for anything". I never thought to use a cuttlebug! It was a good idea. sorry it didn't work.
I am glad your back is feeling better!
Have a great weekendd!

Kim said...

OH PAT! I am SO sorry you broke your cuttlebug trying to flatten the rolls!!
All I did was use my bone folder to sharpen the creases. Then I cut paper to size for each side of the roll, glued it on with gluestick, then used the bone folder again. They are pretty flat, but still open enough for an embellished tag to slide in.
The other thing that helped them stay flat was using an eyelet (or two) on the end where you'll attach the pages together.

Lauri {Scrap Attack} said...

What a bummer it broke, I hope you are able to get it fixed. Hope the back is doing better too! :) And good luck finishing up your new computer space - fun stuff!